Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick Manga Studio doodle

To try it out. It's ruler functions sound amazingly useful for background work; I figured that kind of thing was something one would wish for but would never actually get. Honestly haven't tried it yet, though, so it might not be as amazing as I'm hoping for.

Fun fact: in Japan, Manga Studio is called "Comic Studio," because manga is a word in Japanese that means comic. Despite the name, it seems like a useful tool. John Allison uses it, after all, and he's never, ever wrong.


Lissa said...

You know what you could create with this fine product? A manga comic :)

you see what did there? does it fill you with burning rage?

But no, seriously, you should use it to make a comic.

Gregory Sesma said...

I agree, but only if it has lots of robots.